your Safety

We take great pride in ensuring your safety and proudly maintain a 100% safety record.  

Your safety and security is an integral part of our service and remains an important part of our decision-making process, thereby increasing safety margins during all phases of flight.  In fact, our safety program begins several hours before you step aboard the aircraft.  Our comprehensive process typically exceeds FAA and industry minimum standards.


Customized safety program that exceeds minimum FAA standards, increasing safety margins for you, your loved ones and business colleagues


Flying in your very own private plane is the ultimate assurance of security.  We can also cater to your personal needs - just let us know.


Through the use of private terminals you can drive (or be driven) to within a few short steps of the aircraft and board away from prying eyes.


Rest assured, everything we do at CrossLink Aviation is with the utmost discretion, locked in by permanent non-disclosure agreements.